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Title: Lonely Lovers Club
Pairings: Flynn/Yuri + Yuri/Flynn
Author: well...me
Rating: R (for language and the end)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Warning: unbetaedness
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters
Summary: AU. Flynn wanted more from Yuri than just his body...though it would take some time for him to realize it.
A/N: No you did not read the title of the post wrong, this IS the last chapter of this fanfic. It was a hard decision to come to, but in the end I'm happy with it. Thank you all so much for reading!

Thank you


Having watched Yuri in court was a true spectacle, because never once did the older man look to be out of place. The longer haired male hadn't been like him, hadn't been tense or lacking in confidence when it came to the subject at hand. No...Yuri had been so in his element that it was somewhat terrifying.

He had to suffer having to watch the other male wallow in self-pity first before actually getting to that point, and Flynn could easily say it was the hardest month of his life. He wanted so badly to do something, to forcible remove the other from his state when things seemed its bleakest. But that wasn't going to work. Flynn was well aware that the words he had said in the mall shouldn't have left his lips, because they had done more damage than good.

So he kept his mouth shut. The last thing he wanted to do was make things worse when he was only trying to encourage the other. Flynn made it a habit to at least get Yuri out of the house, which was rather easy when he promised to pay for everything. Of course he was nervous whenever the two of them would leave the apartment together, but as days went by he became far less embarrassed with the idea of dating the longer haired male.

When it came to affection in public he had at least gone so far as to hold the other male's hand, but of course he had managed to screw that up the first few times. The first attempt landed him with just holding into the other male's pinky, which wasn't so bad and Yuri seemed to like it. The second attempt, however...was a bit silly. His grabbing was a bit premature and he ended up just taking all of Yuri's fingers, earning him an odd look from the other male.

It was so embarrassing...so much in fact that he damn near threw out the whole idea of them holding hands. Eventually Yuri became fed up with the lack of development and outright grabbed his hand when the two of them were side by side, stating that he could be patient with some things about him but not all. He could understand that...even Flynn himself became frustrated with how little progress he made sometimes. But dammit if he didn't try.

The blonde's waiting game came to an end when he walk into his apartment one day, the sound of furious typing filling the air. Peeking into his room he found the longer haired male sitting upright on his mattress, blanket wrapped around him as his fingers swiftly tapped against the keys of his laptop. Flynn knew that look...Yuri was in the zone, and he'd be a damn fool to break that kind of concentration. So he just left quietly, spending most of his time in the living room.

The older man spent three whole days in his room, only coming out to make himself a cup of coffee or use the bathroom. On the third day Flynn did become a little concerned, though he was rather relieved other male voluntarily made himself stop typing like a maniac. Apparently he wasn't just working on his next book, but corresponding with a lawyer about his situation. He most definitely had a case, Flynn was just worried about the whole process in general.

Yuri wasn't the kind of person to make a big deal out of things (or at least things that mattered), and he was sure the court process was going to get some kind of media coverage. Would the longer haired male be okay with that...? He didn't bring up his worries because for the first time in a while it looked as if the older man had gotten his spark back. For a good few days Yuri had left his apartment in order to sort a few things out before his court date, and all the while a rather harsh sense of lonely washed over the blonde.

It was a little scary...He was use to being in his apartment alone, hell, he had spent a month away from Yuri after moving in. But...he supposed it wasn't exactly fair to compared the two. During that month Flynn was still sorting out his feelings, so he really wasn't sure what to make of anything. Now that he had, the blonde just wanted the longer haired male around, and even if he knew he'd return in the evening it didn't seem to curb his loneliness.

In short, Flynn decided he really needed to get the fuck out of his apartment after his classes were over.

He needed to have a social life outside of Yuri, so when he finally decided to hang out with his friends from class he fully understood their confusion. The blonde had never been a social butterfly, and social situations with friends were a somewhat foreign concept to him. He wasn't actually sure if hanging out with Estelle and Rita counted a 'social', because they were the only people outside of Yuri that he spent time with. But he was in college now...and as the longer haired male said 'there's no life to be had staying in on a Friday night'.

So when invited to one of the many Friday night parties that happened on campus he agreed...and was so absolutely bored out of his mind. What the hell was so fun about listening to loud, terrible music, watching his friends commit drunken antics and having to put up with chatty girls talking about how much they hate their major? There was something so very wrong with the universe if this was what was considered 'fun' in college...

But he powered through it, because he figured that things would gradually get better and if not he would resign himself to being a masochist for willingly spending time around such madness. He spent twenty minutes listening to the not-so-sober girl next to him, a fake smile plastered on his face as he nodded at everything she said no matter what it was. After a little while she was shooed away by another, much more sober, girl, who said she had seen him around campus a few times.

That was entirely possible given that most freshmen gathered in the same areas, though he was sure he himself has never seen her before. When asked what his major was he meekly told her that he wasn't sure yet, though he added that he had quite a bit of time to think about it. Even if that was true he still feared that he would never come to a conclusion...never figure out what he would do with his life. The blonde listened on, though it was becoming painfully clear that their conversation was heading in a direction he was in no way comfortable with.

Flynn knew very well when someone was flirting with him, and the girl was laying it on pretty damn thick. Somewhere along the way she had perked up her already exposed cleavage, and all the while he had to wonder if she was cold and if he should tell her to retrieve some kind of sweater or jacket. Flynn didn't know what was more humorous: the fact that he was completely ignoring all of her tactics or the fact that she was trying so hard.

When she leaned in and kissed him his body tensed up, not because of the action itself but because she tasted like cheap booze. He wanted to laugh so badly when she asked if he wanted to 'go back to her place', but he managed to keep himself together and reply that it wasn't possible since she had 'the wrong equipment'. The poor girl was rather confused by his words, though after a while it became clear that the realization of what he meant had hit her like a ton of bricks.

She apologized profusely before quickly leaving, the blonde deciding that it was probably time to take his leave as well. That had been the final straw, and with little to no regrets he left his friends behind in favor of returning to his apartment. Flynn was fairly sure that would be his first and very last college party. Upon making it back he plopped onto the couch, slinging his arm around his eyes as he let out a tired sigh.

He has been told that when people like himself, the study hard and strict on themselves types, went off to college would they let loose and become party animals. It had something to do with being away from home for the first time, though he had to wonder if he was the exception because his 'home' hadn't actually felt like one for a long time. The blonde had experienced the world quite differently than most, which was probably the reason he seemed to be the irregularity in the equation that was 'typical' college life.

Flynn didn't see too much wrong with this, though he was sure he'd end up alienating himself from his party hard friends. He didn't move when he heard footsteps throughout the apartment, though he did remove his arm from his face when something wet fell onto him. Upon looking up he found Yuri looming over him, damp hair blocking out the some of the light as droplets dripped against the blonde's face. Before the older man could say anything he pulled him down by his shoulder, quickly pressing his lips against his, enjoying the fact that he tasted of spearmint.

It was much better than cheap booze.

Licking his lips the longer haired male asked what the occasion was for kissing him, Flynn admitting that he had been kissed by another. This earned him a suspicious look from the other, so he made sure to quickly explain that the girl was obviously barking up the wrong tree. This seemed to relieve the other of any uncertainties, though for some reason he enjoyed the sight of Yuri momentarily jealous. It was such a strange thing to imagine...the other male getting slightly flustered over the thought of him being kissed by another.

He never really thought of the other male as the jealous type, though he figured that because this was Yuri's first relationship he'd be a little cautious. He wouldn't lie...it made him excited...Of course this didn't mean he went out of his way to make the other act in such a manner, no, that would've been cruel. But if it happened randomly he wouldn't hesitate to glance over at the longer haired male, wondering just what was going through his head while smiling a bit at his expression.

When Yuri's trial date finally came the blonde couldn't help but feel nervous about everything, though it would seem he was the only one. The other male was completely composed, donning pretty much the same attire when he had attending prom. Flynn really didn't understand why he seemed so calm, but he was at least glad that fire in his eyes had returned. He just truly wished that it wouldn't be extinguished again by whatever happened in court.

When the proceedings began he learned that the longer haired male was there for two reasons: one to sue for discrimination and two to have the rights of his book returned to him. Those rights were initially given up to the company the moment his book was published, and if he wanted to take his business elsewhere he needed that back. Flynn watched from the gallery as his hands clinched anxiously at his pants; he knew he should've trusted that the other male knew what he was doing, but...the stakes were so high.

But he truly had nothing to worry about. They were in court for three whole hours, and all the while he couldn't believe what he was witnessing. The defense questioned Yuri thoroughly, trying to make the point that the company did not violate any sort of law by firing the longer haired male because of the content of his previous writings. Flynn really should've known that he was in for a crazy ride from the fact that Yuri hadn't stopped smirking after taking the stand.

The older man countered every argument with his own flawless logic and truth, seemingly throwing the opposing lawyer off his game. The lawyer said that it was a rightful discharge, Yuri had told them right back that it would've been if the publishing company had not known about the books under his alias. But they had known. Flynn had to wonder if the longer haired male has ever considered a job in law, because he was doing more than just holding his own...he was destroying everything in his path.

When recess was called he noticed Yuri speaking to the head of the company he had been dropped from, only managing to make out a few words such as 'bad press' and 'reputation'. Whatever it meant the man looked white as a sheet, his lawyer behind him speaking though it seemed he wasn't listening. Yuri was surly going in for the kill...and he was right. Three days after the court proceeding the blonde found it rather odd that the other male wasn't getting ready to go back, and it was in that moment that he leaned why the other wasn't bothering and why he seemed so damn happy.

Both he and the publishing company had decided on an out of court settlement, Yuri fueling this decision with a little talk about how he would turn the incident into a pretty damn big deal. The idea of a decent sized company such as that getting bad press would ruin what credit they had, because who really wanted to work for someone who had unjustly fired an employee because of their sexual preferences? The media would be in a frenzy. In the end he was given an undisclosed amount of money (he wouldn't tell him how much) and the rights to his book back.

That all happened three years ago.

Over the course of those years things hadn't changed all that much; Yuri was still Yuri, spending an ungodly amount of time on the his computer so he could get his next book done. It still lied in his hands to force the older man to take a break so he didn't keel over from exhaustion. The blonde was still in school, deciding that if he wanted to do what he wanted a four year degree was the first step.

It became clear some time ago that because of his lack of understand of his mother's illness he couldn't truly help her...so he decided that maybe that's where his future lied. It would be a long road until he was a full fledged psychologist, but it was time he was willing to put in. The longer haired male had teased him about how much of a 'hot doctor' he'd be, his words sending him into a laughing fit as a result. He had some pretty weird fetishes.

Estelle and Rita still kept in touch even after they had moved away, the three of them deciding to meet once a month to socialize and hang out so that they didn't drift apart too quickly. Judith still worked at the bar, though she had been promoted to head barkeep which was something she was rather pleased with. Raven dropped by on occasion with Duke to see how the two of them were doing, Flynn having found his insistent mother hen attitude towards him to be less annoying and more commendable than anything else.

"Coffee. Make it. Now."

"I know you're tired, but-"


He probably should've known better than to reason with a half cocked Yuri who had only gotten two hours of sleep. With a halfhearted sigh he made his way into the kitchen, wondering if he should forgo the coffee and just force the other male to sleep. The only reason he was up was because they had somewhere to be, and he kind of wished he had made his decision at a time when the other male wasn't so busy. But he agreed to come with him nonetheless.

Upon looking in the cabinets he found that they were completely out coffee, though he had no reason to panic. After having dealt with such a situation before Flynn made it a habit to buy premade, chilled coffee in case of emergencies, because the last thing he wanted to deal with was a caffeine deprived Yuri. It was truly a scary thing. After retrieving a bottle from the fridge, he placed it in font of the older male who currently had his head down at the kitchen table. He looked so pitiful, which made the blonde feel even more guilty.

"You know..." He started as he sat down across from Yuri, "You don't have to come..."

"Doesn't matter, going anyways." It took a bit of doing, but when his fingers grasped his cold beverage he wasted no time chugging it down.


"Flynn...I'm not leaving you alone again."

He tensed at this, knowing full well that he could not and would not argue with the other about that. The best could to was hold his tongue, fingers running themselves through his hair was he tried to calm down his nerves. It wasn't all that had to notice how torn he was, so it didn't surprise him all that much when Yuri leaned in close. He told him point blank that even if he wasn't invited he'd stalk his ass all the way there, and even if it sounded creepy as hell he couldn't deny that it was something the other male would do.

"We have to do something about those stalking tendencies you have."

"I only stalk you when necessary."

"Then what about the time you followed me when I was having launch with my professor?"

"Well...I was curious."

Flynn snickered a bit at the recollection. He knew the older man made a few slip ups here and there, but completely trusted him when it came to monogamy. Leaning in he gently kissed him, tasting the sweetness of mocha latte on his lips, he muttered that he wouldn't fret of his decision anymore. After another bottle it seemed Yuri was awake enough to get ready, so the blonde merely waited for him at the kitchen table. In the process of doing so he felt Aki rub against his leg, begging for attention, and because he was a sucker for the cat he gave it to her.

With a small motion with his hand she jump into his lap, the blonde stroking her soft fur as he thought about what could happen on their little visit. The last time he had seen his mother was two years ago, and it had not gone well at all. He had gone by himself to see her, and it had ended with him getting slapped, nearly strangled and called 'worthless'. Flynn had wondered if visiting at all was even possible, though the doctor had said that contact with her was necessary for her recovery.

He really doubted that...but a small part of him believed it, and as such was the driving force for his decision to go and see her once more. The blonde was sure that he was not as naïve as he had been in the past, and therefore knew that being caution around her was the only thing he could do. She was dangerous...A bit later Yuri was finally finished getting ready, Repede walking to the door with them before they left.

Like always the older man drove, because even if he possessed a license the blonde could not bring himself to drive in fear of what might happen. When taking his drivers test everything was fine, but when he actually got on the road he couldn't help but panic after a while. Even if he had been asleep during the time of the accident, the panic he felt while being behind the wheel was due to his memory of his father dying. Flynn was afraid of crashing...and that fear only multiplied tenfold when Yuri was in the car with him.

The blonde's greatest fear was losing the other male in a crash, because he did not want to survive another while someone he loved died once again. He had tried keeping this fact from Yuri, but when the two of than nearly got into an accident because of some stupid driver a year ago, everything just came out. Well...it was more like he unintentionally flipped out on the other male, causing the two of them to get into a heat argument.

After everything had calmed down he told Yuri was his anger at him was completely misplaced, adding that that what he felt wasn't irritation but fear. From that point on Yuri tired his best to not be reckless on the road, lest Flynn freak out again.

"You wanna do something after the visit? We could probably get a bite to eat-"

"Not, that's all right...I'll probably be too tired to do anything fun afterwards." When dealing with his mother it was not only emotionally but also physically draining, so instead of being a killjoy if the two of them went out he decided to just outright refuse the other's suggestion.

"Okay..." It was all the older man said as they pulled out of the parking lot, Flynn staring at their apartment complex until it was completely out of view. The two of them had long since moved in together, the other male's only requirement for moving into a new apartment with him being that he had a enough space to work.

Because they had moved it meant the drive to the hospital that housed his mother was a bit farther than before, though he didn't mind it all that much. It gave him time to think, because as much as he wanted to see his mother, to see if she was really making progress...he had begun thinking that maybe it was best to remove her from his life. There was only so much abuse one person could take, and Flynn had been taking it for far too long. It was wrong of him to even fathom such a thing, but if he was the problem then it was best he stayed away.

He still loved his mother very much...and as such wanted the best for her even if the best meant him never seeing her again.

It was an hour drive to the hospital, all the while both he and Yuri engaging in idle chit-chat about whatever was going on in their lives. The other male told him that his editor was bugging him about adding actual romance to his novels, but Yuri enjoyed being a little cocktease to his readers and only dropping hints here and there about who might hookup. It was pretty amusing. Flynn was well aware of just how far ahead his boyfriend was thinking about the plot of his story, and he was sure all the readers would be shocked by the development in the coming books.

The blonde couldn't help but complain about how tiresome his job at the upscale restaurant downtown was, having quit his old job at the bakery two years ago to seek higher pay elsewhere. He really didn't mind being a waiter, but the people who came in were so obnoxious sometimes that it really grated on him. But the people who actually didn't treat him like a dog were the best, though he made sure to give everyone the same amount of service as the next table.

It was probably because of his demeanor (and maybe looks) that he received so many tips, and the owners were rather impressed that he had managed to remember so much about the menus and wine. He actually hadn't been able to legally drink any of the stuff until that year, but he had learned enough to know which wine paired with which food the best without having to taste it at all.

The sommelier ready helped him with all of this because it meant one less thing he had to do, because most waiters in the restaurant didn't have that kind of knowledge and usually let the 'expert' take care of it. Having wine experience also meant more money for Flynn; he received commission for each bottle of wine he managed to sell off to the patrons, and those bottle did not come cheap so the pay wasn't bad at all.

Unfortunately it was a slow season...not that many people came in, but it did mean the blonde got himself a few more days off.

"Hm...maybe I should come by and watch your tight little ass walk around in your uniform...hell, that'll make me want to buy anything you suggest."

"I really hope you're aware that you've developed a pretty bad uniform fetish."

"Oh, I'm well aware, just buying my time until you develop one too." When questioned just what that meant, Yuri just responded with 'you'll see this Halloween'. He couldn't help but laugh, the conversation heading into such an absurd place.

It at least took his mind off of the fact that they weren't too far from the institution, though when they finally pulled up to the parking lot his nerves began to get the better of him.

"...Are you going to be okay...? We don't have to go in..." That was so very true...the two of them didn't have to go inside, but...he needed to. Flynn needed confirmation...needed to know if he was truly the problem hindering his mother's progress.

"No, it's...it's okay, let's go." And with that the car was parked and they made their way inside the building. The two of them signed in at the front desk, stripping themselves of anything that could be 'hazardous to the patient' as the nurse said.

They were given visitor tags before being sent off, the blonde tightly gripping the older man's hand as they walked down the hall. He knew very well that they weren't going to his mother's room, because the last time had pretty much killed off any chance of that happening again. The blonde knew very well where they were going instead; he had seen the dangerous patient visiting area before, which consisted of a small, white room with a table in the center of it.

At said table were two chairs, one of which donning several straps to keep the patient restrained. He didn't want to see her like that...but it was for his own safety. The nurse stopped them in front of a large glass window, the three of them watching as his mother was brought in from the small door in the far left on the other side of the room. Both of her arms were being held by two attendants as they help her in and down into the chair, the two of them strapping her in and making sure she was secure before leaving.

"...Do you want me to come in with you?" Flynn merely muttered a small 'no, it's fine', even if he wasn't exactly sure if it would be. He slowly let go of Yuri's hand before going into the room, slipping into the empty chair across from his mother before going silent.

She had her head down, long hair having been cut most likely the first day she had arrive, but there as still enough to touch her shoulders and obscure her face. He wasn't actually sure if she was even aware of his presence, but he figured that maybe if he started speaking they'd get somewhere.

"Um, hello...I'm sorry it's been so long since I last visited you." He tired to smile, though it quickly faded when she didn't so much as look up at him.

"Um...school's going well, though it'll be a while before a I get the job I want. Did I tell you I'm working towards becoming a psychologist? I thought I could help people if I was one. You remember Yuri, right? The guy I'm dating? He's doing well too...do you wanna speak to him?"

He was really trying his best to get something out of her...but it seem she just flat out didn't want to speak to him.

"...If you don't want me here, please say so...please just...say something." He was pleading, and he really didn't care who was listening. He couldn't make a decision if she didn't speak to him.

After a few minutes of silence he figured that it was probably best if he left, not wanting to stay if he was going to have a one-sided conversation. Scooting his chair back, the metal scratching against the smooth flooring, he decided to give speak to her one last time before leaving.

"I'll...come and see you again if I can-"

"I'm sorry..."

For some odd reason those barely audible words stopped him in his tracks, full attention on her as he rethought his leaving. Hesitantly he sat back down, noticing her slightly lift her head and look at him. When she said it again he couldn't help but tense again, but this time because he wasn't exactly sure what she was referring to. He tried talking to her, but the only thing she would say was 'I'm sorry'...and quiet frankly he was beginning to believe that this was headed in a very nasty direction.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry I didn't kill you when you were younger," Instead of outright leaving Flynn waited, because in that moment he felt the need to say something he probably wouldn't have in the past, "Oh god...I should've...I should've pushed you harder down the stairs. I-I should've strangled you...stabbed you more, a-anything to make you go away. I-It's your fault he's-"

"I was a fucking child when it happened!" He stood up far too quickly, as a result the chair behind him came crashing down to the floor in a rather violent manor, "You can't blame me for something I had absolutely no control over! You had...you had no goddamn right to treat me the way you did...You were the parent, Mom, you were supposed to take care of me, not treat me like your own emotional punching bag!"


"I understand that you were hurt, that you were going through something I could never comprehend at the time, but...that doesn't change the fact that you were the adult in the situation. I...I needed you. But I get it now...I know what I need to do." He had become to fed up with everything...but he couldn't bring himself to hate her, just her actions. While he began to leave he only stopped momentarily when he heard his mother call his name, not his father's, his.

But he didn't look back, even as she became frantic with her cries. It wasn't until he was on the other side of the door did he see her struggling against her restraints, but his resolve wouldn't be broken that easily. He wasn't going to see her for the time being, no...it was better to say that he was going to wait until she came to him, because it was clear that he wasn't helping things in the slightest. Flynn felt so...upset and miserable and betrayed and...and so tired.

He barely registered that he was now in Yuri's car, or for that matter that said older man was speaking to him.


"I said, are you okay?"

No, there was no point in lying...so he merely shook his head as he lean back against the passenger seat. The other male didn't start the car right away, which he didn't mind all that much, and he didn't tense at all when he felt Yuri wrap his arms around his shoulder. He was leaning against his shoulder now, Yuri placing his head against his as he held him tight.

"...I really hate seeing you like this..." He relaxed a little when he felt his thumb trace itself over his neck.

"Let's just go home..." The two of them stayed in that position for a bit longer before Yuri pulled out of the parking lot, Flynn sitting back in his seat and deciding that the best thing he could do was take a nap. He was rather pleased that he didn't dream, or rather that his memories from the past didn't haunt him like they had before.

He must've been even more tired than he originally thought, because he had no recollection of being taking inside of their apartment or being placed in bed for that matter. He only became aware of it when he awakened, the sun no longer high in the sky as he looked out the window. Repede was next to him, completely sprawled out to the point that the blonde was rather surprised the large dog hadn't kicked him out of the bed. Reaching over he scratched behind his ear, the Akita Inu give off a low groan as he leaned back into his touch.

"We spoil you too much..." He chuckled to himself when said spoiled dog huffed at him. Sitting up he noticed the lingering smell of something in the air, meaning that Yuri had already cooked and was busy on his computer.

Even if he was still rather tired, the blonde decided that he had slept enough for one afternoon. This little judgment proved to be the right one, the glance he took at the small digital clock on the nightstand telling him that he only had three more hours to go before his shift started. Slipping out of bed Flynn decided not to change, finding it a waste to only spend such a short amount of time in house clothes. Repede followed him as he left the room, finding Yuri exactly where he figured he'd be. The other male only worked in two spots, by his desktop that was situated in the bedroom and on the living room couch with his laptop.

The sound of fingers against keys filled the air and placed Flynn at ease, his eyes watch the other male for a little bit before venturing into the kitchen. Peeking into the fridge he found a number new things wrapped in aluminum foil, though the small ramekins on the bottom shelf intrigued him the most.

"Don't touch the flan." Looking up he saw the other male glance over at him before going back to his work.

"That's what those are? Hm...you know, we charge over $20 for flan at the restaurant." He wasn't all that surprised when Yuri looked up at him with a bewildered look on his face.

"...$20? Are they milking the cows themselves? Do they shit caramel as well?"

"I know, it's highway robbery." It really was; Flynn felt most of the menu was completely overpriced, but it wasn't his place to complain since he was just there to serve the food. But he had to admit...Yuri was a much better cook.

Since he wasn't really in the mood for food he merely grabbed a bottle of water before walking back into the living room. Sitting next to the other male he leaned against him a little, making sure he wasn't hindering the other's typing by his position.

"...Your posture is terrible."

"Leave this old man's posture alone."

"Yuri, for the hundredth time, you're only twenty-seven, you're not old." This didn't stop him from groaning, fingers ruffling his hair as he said that he only had three more years until thirty.

"I can feel my hair growing gray by the seconds."

"...Really, Yuri? Really?" Some of the things the other male said really made him look like an idiot.

"What? It's possible, and then I'll get all dried up and wrinkly and ugh...this is depressing as fuck..." Flynn was well aware that Yuri's fears of aging weren't just from a vanity standpoint, but honestly...Reaching over he gently grabbed the other's chin, making it so the two of them were looking at one another.

"Even if you do become dried up and wrinkly with gray hairs everywhere, or when you're eighty and I'm seventy-three, I'll still love you."

He expected the surprised look from Yuri, but what he hadn't expected was him to double over in laughter. The older man was seriously lying against the couch laughing his ass off, arms wrapped around his stomach as his voice filled the apartment. Well...shit...he really thought he had said something pretty damn touching. Instead of complaining right away he just sat back and let Yuri get it all out of his system, which took much longer than expected.

"So...what the hell was that about?"

"S-Sorry, it's just," He snickered again, and really looked as if he was going to start another laughing fit, "I wrote a line like that in one of my crappy romance novels some time back, a-and to actually hear someone say it make me realize how much of a god-awful line it was."

"...I was being serious you know..." Could anyone blame him for being offended? He really had meant what he said, and Yuri was laughing at him for it...

"I know, I know, but you don't have to use such pretty words with me. Just say you love me." Oh...that made sense. As the author of previous romance novels Yuri had probably written many versions of 'I love you', so it was completely understandable that he'd get tired of it.

Sometimes it was okay to be simplistic.

"All right...I love you."

"Heh, I remember when you'd get all flushed from just saying that." It didn't help at all that he actually did blush a bit after hearing him say that, the smirk on the other male's lips meaning that he had fallen right into his trap.

"Oh? What's this? You still blush after saying it?"

But Flynn knew how to fight back now.

"Oh course not, I'm just admiring the fact that I'm dating such a gorgeous creature."

And there it was. The older man physically reeled back, a look of utter shock accompanying the deep blush on his face. He had leaned over the years that when it came to his looks Yuri really did see himself as a rather 'plain' individual, nothing more nothing less. So when the blonde complimented him on his looks it never ceased to make him blush, because he knew Yuri was aware that he was being completely sincere.

"O-Okay, okay, you win this time, just stop-"

"Eh? How could I stop? Your beauty is stunning." He pinned the other male when he tried to flee backwards, Flynn staring down at him with an amused smirk on his face.

"Ha, ha, okay, enough...if my laptop gets messed up I'm throwing you out the window."

"I have to be at work in three hours, that wouldn't be very convenient-"

"And no flan for you either...I'm eating it all in front of you."

As much as he really wanted to make a comment about how that much flan would only go straight to his ass, he decided against it, the older man retrieving his laptop before sitting at the far end of the couch. He was obviously mad, and Flynn had learned to just wait it out and hope that the other male forgave him. He hadn't expected to be ignored for the whole three hours he had to kill, so when it was time for him to go he had to stop by the side of the couch to see if he could at least coax a 'goodbye' out of Yuri.

"I'm about to leave you know..." Yuri's fingers didn't so much as slow down, the blonde standing in the same spot for a solid minute before decided to give up. Luckily the silence must've done something to the older man; before he could even walk an inch away he felt a hand grab the bottom of his shirt, the force of Yuri pulling him towards the couch damn near toppling him over.

"...You seriously thought I was just gonna let you leave?"

"Dunno, I can't always gauge your pissed off level accurately."

This seemed to cause the older male to laugh a bit before pulling him down, their lips connecting in a sloppy manner because of the angle. Still, he was greatly satisfied by it.

"Come home safe so I can give you something better, Blondie"

"I'll try to hurry back."

Getting back up he made his way over to the door, but before he could leave he heard Yuri call for him.

"...I hope you feel better, Flynn..." This brought a small smile to his face; Flynn was willing to admit that he wasn't completely over what his mother had done, but with those words...he was sure his recovery would come sooner.

"Thank you, Yuri."