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Fanfic - Lonely Lovers Club: Chapter 16

Title: Lonely Lovers Club
Pairings: Flynn/Yuri + Yuri/Flynn
Author: well...me
Rating: R (for language and sex)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Warning: unbetaedness
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters
Summary: AU. Flynn wanted more from Yuri than just his body...though it would take some time for him to realize it.

Let me hold you and stand by your side...


"...Are you just going to keep staring?"

"N-No I...shit, just give me a minute."

"...Are you...nervous...? Holy shit...you're totally nervous."

As much as he wanted to deny that, there wasn't in way in hell for him to do so. The two of them had done this countless times, but Flynn knew...this time was different. Everything was different now that he and Yuri had begun dating, and every time he reminded himself of this things just didn't go his way. Flynn never saw himself as an awkward person since he had enough confidence to get him through the day, but when dating the longer haired male...he really couldn't control himself.

It was just so new for him...

He didn't regret it at all though, because to actually say those words out loud meant acknowledging them, and that was like removing a incredibly heavy weight from his body. Having it out in the open was much better than him denying it...but because it was out there it made things that much more real. He really wasn't sure how he should've been acting around the other now that they were dating, which pretty much led to him becoming probably the most awkward person in existence.

Because he feared for the other's safety he made him stay over at his place, and when the blonde left the house for school he went through great lengths to lock away everything he thought would harm the other. Yuri spent a majority of his time asleep, and as the hours ticked away Flynn always become a little uneasy. He figured it was because the longer haired male wasn't exactly in the highest of spirits, so he allowed it to happen, believe that at some point he'd bring himself out of his funk.

Of course he'd help him along, but it proved to be somewhat difficult when every little look the other male gave him sent his embarrassment through the roof. There were moments of clarity though; the blonde could easily recognize when Yuri wanted comfort and when he needed comfort, both of which usually occurring throughout a single day. When he was just being his usual Yuri self he'd grab onto him, holding him so close to the point where Flynn couldn't help but blush hard.

But when the older man needed to comforted it always occurred silently, his body gently leaning itself against him in some way as his gazed cast itself downward. He hated that look...and truly tried to do everything within his power to make that look disappear from the other's face. It was pretty much how the two of them ended up on their first date, Flynn gently making the longer haired male look at him before uttering the words 'let's go out'.

The surprise on the other male's face was expected, but after physically leaving the house it became quite clear that his spontaneous burst of courage was just that. He was once again assaulted with wave after wave of awkwardness, especially since he hadn't actually planned anything out. To his slight surprise he found the longer haired male looking to be in worse shape then he was, curiosity getting the better of him. He really, really shouldn't have asked.

With a face just as brightly lit as his, the longer haired male told him that it would be his first date with anyone, Flynn paling a bit at his confession. He knew very well that it wasn't intentional, but Yuri had placed a shit load of pressure on him, something he hadn't worried about all that much in the past since it was usually the older man doing the cherry popping. It really didn't take long for panic to set in.

Of course he could've just had the two of them return to his apartment, but that meant becoming a coward and admitting that he had regretted his actions. He was sure that if he did so Yuri would undoubtedly believe that he was at fault. No...no he wasn't going to let that happen, not when the older man already seemed like he was seconds away from falling back into a dark place. So he decided to fight through what he felt even at the cost of looking like an idiot...and what an idiot he looked like.

It was pretty hard faking confidence when his goddamn body betrayed everything he said. Trying to act like the 'cool guy' only earned him a deeper blush on his face, and whenever he thought he'd gathered enough courage to say something he just ended up stuttering like a fool. On the upside his behavior seemed to make Yuri feel better, the longer haired male laughing a lot more then he had previously. It was a refreshing sight for sure, and this made his resolve to continue on with their date a bit stronger.

But after a while it became painfully clear that he had no idea what he was doing, so he crushed whatever little pride he had left and called someone who could help. It was sad to think that the only other person he knew in a relationship was Raven, and truthfully he was the last person he wanted to called. It was awkward as hell talking to the much older man about dating...

Even if in the end he received a decent answer, the conversation leading him to said answer was so uncomfortable that he contemplated never speaking to Raven about his love life again. Yeah...that seemed like the best option. He at least didn't get the usual 'dinner and movie' spiel he had seen in movies; he was told to take the other dancing, and even if the blonde had two left feet he supposed that the points towards originality would overshadow his lack of rhythm.

The problem seemed to be where to go.

It seemed to be horribly inappropriate for their first date to be in a gay bar, or at least one as flamboyant as the one they usually attended. They were clearly not dressed for anything formal, so something casual and down to Earth seemed like the best bet. Thank god for internet on phones. It took some doing but he managed to find a nice place not too far from where they were, which was a good thing because he was sure Yuri was starting to wonder if he had any destination in mind.

The place was dimly light like the other club, but there weren't any strobing lights or frantic make-out sessions on the dance floor. There was of course music blaring over the loud speakers, though the blonde had gotten use to it after spending so much time over at the bar. He couldn't help but fidget slightly when he fell under the gaze of the older man, dark eyes looking him over before stopping to meet his.

With a not so faint blush on his face he admitted that the whole dancing thing wasn't really in his favor, but...he wanted their first date to be different. Before he could even process it his wrist was taken and the two of them were on the dance floor, Yuri leaning in close so that their faces were mere inches apart. He knew it was just Yuri was being Yuri, though he was also sure that the other male wanted to make sure he heard his voice over the loud music.

All he muttered was a small 'stupid, I don't care what we do' before taking his waist, Flynn trying his best to follow the other's steps as they danced to the music. Well...it was more like was he trying to mimic the other male's steps, which usually lead him to tripping, bump into someone or stepping on the Yuri's foot. Never once did the longer haired male get mad at him, though he did poke fun at him since, well, it was a pretty sad sight. He wasn't sure how long the two of them were dancing, and he really didn't care.

Just seeing Yuri happy was enough.

After a while though it became clear that they needed to leave, not because the two of them had been there for too long but because the older man's occasional grinding against him had begun to cause a rather...inappropriate reaction. At least inappropriate for the dance floor. Upon leaving the two of them engaged in several make out sessions along the way, earning a few odd glances from passerby's. He probably would've cared had he not been hot, sweaty and extremely turned on from dancing.

By the time they made it back to his apartment it was clear where things were going...But it didn't happen. It wasn't for some crazy reason like he couldn't get it up, he was just...extremely nervous. He wanted to have sex, it was just that every time he came close to it he'd be reminded that the longer haired male wasn't just some guy anymore. Yuri was his boyfriend now. For a week he had denied the other anything sexual so he could sort himself out, and by the time he had it was clear he needed to get laid.

Luckily for him Yuri was already stretched out on his mattress, staring at his laptop with a blank Word document open in on the screen. He could only imagine how much he was beating himself up over everything, because no matter how much Flynn thought he could understand the other male's pain it was probably only a fraction of what he actually felt. But it was the blonde's job to take care of it, if only a little.

Seating himself next to the older man he placed his hand on his back, gently rubbing it back and forth as Yuri arching up a bit to meet his touch. Moving his hand down a but more, he caressed the exposed skin on his lower back, the longer haired male rocking a bit against his hand before he brought himself up to a sitting position. Placing his laptop on the floor first, he turned around, arms coming to wrap themselves loosely around his neck before pressing his lips against his.

Wasting no time he pressed the other male against the mattress, enjoying the way Yuri clung to him as he deepened the kiss. Reaching up he ran his hand down the other's neck, thumb briefly running itself over his Adam's apple before his digits slid further. They easily found their way under the other male's shirt, gently running along his stomach before making their way higher. It only took a slight touch of the other male's nipple to have him moan into his mouth, the older man parting to tell him to remove his clothes.

Flynn happily did so.

Their kissing became frantic and sloppy every time an article of clothing was removed, the two of them parting every now and then for air and whenever a shirt needed to be removed. When they finally did remove their lips from one another for longer than a second the blonde instantly regretted it; when he caught sight of the other male panting heavily, face dyed in a deep shade of red as he bit down on his bottom lip slightly, Flynn outright stopped any action he was doing. It didn't help at all that when the other male figured out what was wrong with him he didn't stop snickering.

"Seriously though, how many times have we done this? You're getting all shy now?"

"I-I know, I know...it's just...different this time." When the longer haired male gave him an odd look he felt inclined to keep speaking, "You're not just some guy who's apartment I'm staying at anymore...you're my b-b-boy-boy-"

Oh god, he really couldn't say it, he could sure as hell think it but not say it out loud. His face was burning red, and he was damn sure it had spread to not only his ears but down his neck. Flynn really, really wanted to go crawl into a corner and weep, anything that would kill the colossal amount of embarrassment he felt. But at least it seemed he wasn't the only one feeling this.

"Shit...I would've been okay with anything but that." He watched as the other male turned his face away, it equally as bright as his.

"S-Sorry, I-"

"Don't apologize...it's just that you reminded me that this would be my first time having sex while in a relationship." And there it was again. He was sure that it was completely unintentional of the other to place so much pressure on him, but it had happened, and Flynn really began to question his ability to perform.

That wasn't good...but before he began to panic he took a breath and tried to calm himself down. This time things were different, he'd make sure of that, and wasn't that enough? Wasn't it enough that he was about to experience something that not even Yuri had? Before his reasoning was trumped by some kind of counterargument he leaned down, making the longer haired male look at him before gently pressing his lips against his once more. He didn't add anymore pressure than that, just the light, feathery touch was enough.

Yuri did the same, meeting him half way with an equally as soft touch as his grip on his shirt lessened. He moved his hands, placing them on his bare shoulders before slowly running them down his chest. Before they caressed past his navel, he stopped the other male by taking his wrist.

"Let's takes it slow..." The older man looked surprised at first, but it soon melted away and he was given a small nod of understanding. So the two of them took it slow.

They keep up their gently kissing for a bit longer, a complete one-eighty from their frantic, sloppy actions not too long ago. Bringing his hand up he ran his thumb over Yuri's jaw line, caressing it leisurely before moving down a bit further. Since he seemed to like it the last time the sole digit ran itself along his Adam's apple, creating small circles as he parted from the other.

He didn't stay away long, kissing his way down and stopping at the other male's neck. With his thumb still at work he licked at the other male's jugular, placing small kisses here and there before giving it a small nip. The longer haired male squirmed underneath him, soft sighs passing his lips as he turned his head, fingers coming to thread themselves through his blonde locks.

"Lower..." His voice was so low as he nudged his head slightly, though before actually complying with the other wishes he made sure he left a mark on the other's neck. He received a muffled moan for his efforts.

Flynn was well aware that the longer haired male wasn't necessarily the most patient person when he was turned on, but he'd have to be, because the blonde in no way wanted to rush this. The two of them were going to experience this as if it were their first time together, and if he could make Yuri feel like that then he was sure he'd get a much needed confidence boot.

He did much the same to the other male's collarbone that he had with his neck, though because he knew the other was much more sensitive in said area he nipped a bit hard. In all honesty it was the first time he had ever heard the older man whimper, the sound momentarily halting his actions due to shock. It didn't take long for him to gather himself again, though he'd willing admit that he was feeling a bit giddy because of it.

Descending a bit further he gently ran his lips against the other's exposed skin, tongue darting out every now and then to tease the other. The longer haired male was already panting, which was pretty damn fascinating since he hadn't even moved to his lower half yet. Flynn couldn't help but smile to himself as he took Yuri's life nipple into his mouth, his fingers working on the other as he lightly bit down.

With another small moan the other male tried to press his body flush against his, probably trying to get some kind of friction against his no doubt throbbing member. He didn't let that happen. Taking his free hand he gently forced the other back down against the mattress, earning him a small groan from the other male.

"C-Come on, stop teasing me..."

"Just hang on for a little bit."

The longer haired male just whined again, the action once again taking him by surprise. It was just...god he really couldn't believe he was the one making him sound like that. To hide his blush he buried his face back into the other's chest, continuing on with his unhurried pace because he'd be damned if he let this moment pass without him achieving his goal. Yuri jerked a bit when he nipped at him, though he didn't get too far since he was holding him down.

Removing his mouth he placed it over the longer haired male's right nipple, mimicking the movements he had done with the other.

"I-I'm not a chick, so move on already." Flynn couldn't help but chuckle a bit at this.

"No, you're not, but that doesn't mean you're not sensitive here." To further prove his point he gave the longer haired male's nipple a good nip, Yuri bucking a bit before letting out a small moan. He half expected the older man to retaliate in some matter, but instead he just pulled him closer, fingers running themselves over his shoulders and back.

The move caused him to shiver slightly, though he continued with his actions, gently sucking on the piece of if flesh between his lips. The blonde managed to catch the moan that threatened to leave his throat when Yuri touched the back of his neck, and he knew damn well it was intentional. The other male would be a damn liar if he said he wasn't aware that said spot turned him on, especially since he usually attacked it whenever he decided to do him from behind.

He was not going to let his arousal get to him...that much.

There was no way to ignore the painful stiffness between his legs, but instead of focusing on it and the fact that he wanted to come so goddamn badly the blonde put all of his attention into making the other squirm below him. Releasing the numb he finally moved down, only stopping when he made his way past the other's navel and erection. This earned him an odd look from Yuri, though he ignored it for the most part since he knew what he was doing.

Instead of addressing the older man's confusion he merely spread his legs wider, mouth going in to lick then suck on the longer haired male's inner thigh. This time he actually allowed him to buck his hips, the blonde watching Yuri gripped the sheet below them. He managed to pull another whimper from his lips when he came close to touching his hardened dick, but he made sure never to so much as grace it with his mouth. Was it a little cruel? Maybe...but he dared Yuri to tell him that it didn't feel good.

It took some doing but he managed to find out where the other male's sweet spots were, the sound of his moans escalating a clear sign that he had located them. When moving on to the other leg it didn't take much for Flynn to figure out that if he messed around with the same spots he'd get the same response, though he did discover a few new places that weren't on the other leg to play with.

"S-Shit..." The blonde actually wasn't expecting Yuri to sit up, or for that matter to be push back onto his elbows by the other man.


"I-If I look like a cheetah down there tomorrow, I'm so killing you." Flynn stared before allowing a small chuckle escape his lips, "And I wanna do something other than lie around."

Before the blonde could say anything Yuri was already making his way down his stomach, but when he paused Flynn couldn't help but tense. He didn't know what the other male was thinking as he looked at the scar on his stomach, wondering if he was thinking back to that horrible day. Hell, Flynn could barely look at the scars he had received from his mother, because it reminded him how embarrassingly naïve he had been about his mother's condition.

His tenseness was dropped when he felt the other male gently press his lips against it, a small smile tugging at his lips before it fading away. Reaching down he slowly ran his thumb over the now gone scar that had been on the other's cheek, knowing full well that even if it was no longer there Flynn still held regret in his heart. When Yuri looked up at him, eyes filled with a knowing look, he knew immediately that he should drop whatever was plaguing his mind.

Yuri had the uncanny ability to know what he was thinking, though his talent usually stemmed as far as knowing when he was feeling sorry about something that might not have been his fault or beating himself up. That look stopped the words 'I'm sorry' from slipping out of his mouth, the longer haired male raising back up to look intently into his eyes.

"...Don't..." It was all Yuri said before kissing him hard, the action causing him to give off a small, surprised moan before abandoning his previous thinking. He barely registered that the older man had moved away from his top half, his daze being broken the moment he felt wetness against his dick.

Jumping at the sensation he finally brought his gaze downward, watching as the other male slipped his bangs behind his ear before going to lick his tip again. Flynn watched as the other tongue slowly slid down to the base of his shaft, his mouth giving it a few teasing lick before his lips clammed down on it. The blonde shook and moaned as his skin was sucked, the older man giving a few teasing nips in between moving his mouth along the side of his cock. God it felt good...but he needed to place the other on equal footing with himself.

As good as being touched felt, it was clear that Yuri had the advantage, and given how turned on he seemed the longer haired male probably would not hesitate to use said advantage to make him come swiftly. So while his mind was still lucid he leaned forward a bit, hand coming to rest itself on Yuri's lower back. He made sure not to linger there for too long, palm coming to press gentle circles around his sensitive skin before moving on to it's true destination.

He wasn't going to lie and say that he didn't enjoy the sound the other male made when he gripped his right ass cheek, his body lurching upward as he moaned against his cock. Massaging the soft area he watched as Yuri squeezed his eyes tight, seeming to hesitate a bit before completely engulfing his hardened flesh with his mouth. The blonde groaned loudly from this, hand clinching at the other's backside even harder as a result.

Flynn needed a moment to recover from the feeling, and it was in those few moments that he noticed just how fast the longer haired male was bobbing his head. Yuri was taking as much as he could each time, using his hand to stroke whatever he couldn't hit in his mouth. Flynn needed to slow him down. Removing his hand from the his backside he slipped his fingers between his cheeks, his middle and index coming to rub the longer haired male's puckered hole.

This effectively stopped the other's furious sucking, though the vibration of the other male moaning against his dick caused him to inadvertently moan as well. Yuri seemed to get the idea, slowing down his bobbing quite a bit as a result, removing his mouth every now and then to lick and nip at his shaft. At this point in time Flynn didn't bother holding back his moans, enjoying the way the longer haired male's talented mouth performed on his member like it was the greatest thing in the world. Well...maybe to him it was.

He didn't let up on playing with the other's hole; he really had no intention of actually penetrating the older man, though when he began spread him open things started to change. Releasing his dick from his mouth Yuri moaned into the air, panting as a small 'a-ah' stumbled out of his mouth.

"S-Shit, Flynn, just...f-fuck, enough teasing." Since it was already close enough to that point he figured that it was alright to further his movements. Denying the longer haired male anymore when he was pretty much begging would only lead to misfortune on his part after everything was said and done...

Flynn wasted no time locating his long discarded pants, reaching into one of the side pockets where he pulled out two small packets of lube. His rational mind told him that if the old man was going to stay with him he needed to stock up on a few things, while his more perverse side told him that keeping said things on him at all times would work in his favor because spontaneous sex did happen. Imagine his surprise when he found out that the grocery store sold a box of small, individually wrapped packets of lubricant.

Ripping the packets open with his mouth he squeezed the cool gel onto one of his hands, his now moist fingers coming to run themselves down the longer haired male's back. Yuri shivered at his touch, neglecting the hardened member in front of him in favor of moaning and arching into his touch. He really didn't mind the lack of stimulation on his part, since he was sure the longer haired male wouldn't stay away from long.

Once again he slipped his fingers between the older man's cheeks, index finger probing at his hole a bit before he slowly slide it in. He probably shouldn't have been so surprised at how tight the other was, especially since it had been a while for the both of them. Yuri looked as if he was trying his damn hardest not to make any kind of pained sound, but his face betrayed his efforts. He hated seeing the other in pain...but this needed to be done.

To make things a little easier on him Flynn scrapped the tip of his digit along the other male's prostate, Yuri lurching forward as he let out a loud moan against his cock. This seemed to remind him that there was something in front of him that demanded his attention, the longer haired male hesitating a bit before taking his tip into his mouth. The blonde moaned as the other male gave his dick an extra hard suck, the sensation slightly intensified by the fact that Yuri's lips were trembling.

His whole body was trembling, the older man looking as if he was trying to keep it together as his now two fingers moved in unison to loosen him up. With the movements Flynn was making inside of him, scissoring, rubbing and teasing his entrance every now and then, it really didn't take long for Yuri's hand to dart behind him, grabbing onto his wrist to halt him.

"S-Shit..." His voice sounded strained, the longer haired male taking a moment before he looking up at him, "P-Please...Flynn."

Thank god for control...because the sight of Yuri's slightly parted lips pressed gently against his cock, hot breath coming out to ghost itself over his sensitive skin...he really could've come right there. With a small nod and a flushed face he removed his fingers, the two of them repositioning themselves against the messy sheets of his mattress. The longer haired male was underneath him, arms coming up to pull him close as the two of them wasted no time connecting their lips together. It was slow and desperate and fuck...

Reaching between the two of them he grasped his cock, guiding it toward the longer haired male's hole where he slowly began to enter. As much as he wanted to shove all of himself into Yuri's body, his little session with his fingers had given him one piece of very valuable information: the other male was going to be tight. Slow was the only thing he could do, for both of their sakes. The both of them tensed when he had finally managed to inch his tip inside of him, the older man clinging onto him for dear life as he moaned against his lips.

Flynn had taken to grabbing the sheets near Yuri's head, trying his best to no come from having such a small part of himself in the other.

"F-Fuck, Flynn...just put all of it in already."

"D-Don't wanna," The blonde clinched the sheet a bit more as he moaned, trying his best to compose himself before he decided to speak again, "I-I don't wanna hurt you."

Yuri just stared at him, a look of utter surprise crossing his features. He was about to ask if he had said something strange, but before he could the longer haired male had pulled him down into a hard lip-lock. Flynn took this time to inch his way a bit more into him, a little confused about the other's sudden actions. Not that he minded.

"T-This is...way too surreal..." Before the words 'what are you talking about?' slipped between his lips he felt Yuri's nails harshly run themselves down his back, a clear sign that he needed to keep his mouth shut. Winching a bit he did just that, opting out to instead finally push himself all the way into him.

Fuck...it felt good, it felt so goddamn good...Why hadn't he done this sooner? Why had he hesitated when he should've been remembering all the times he had fucked the other? Oh right...He was sure his already flushed face had gotten several shades darker upon remembering the reason for his prior hesitation. Before he could even fathom freezing up he began to move his hips, not as slowly as he had when entering him but still slow enough so that the longer haired male could get accustomed to him.

Even if he was lacking in vigor, it didn't seem to irritate the longer haired male, in fact Yuri seemed to be completely absorbed by it. His eyes were closed, body moving against his as he gripped his shoulders. The blonde probably wouldn't have thought much about the placement of his hands had the longer haired male's fingers not grazed his other scar, his body tensing a bit as a result. The older man's fingers were gentle as they traced the length of the mark.

"Why do you keep-?"

"Because it's p-proof that you're alive." Flynn didn't get a chance to say anything else because his mouth was too busy being invaded by the other male's tongue. And Yuri said he had a way with words...

He smiled a bit a this, hips rocking somewhat faster as he wrestled around with the longer haired male's tongue. It was rather hard for him to keep up such an deep, unhurried, even rhythm, though it did allow him to completely bury himself in the other before pulling out. Yuri's nails began to scratch across his skin again, this time around though it felt completely non-threatening.

When their lips parted he pressed his forehead head against the other male's, biting his bottom lip a bit as he began to feel the last little bits of self-control he had left start to leave him. After a few sloppily placed thrusts it seemed the longer haired male began catching on that something was off. When he was told to 'not hold back anymore' Flynn contemplated telling the other that just a little more would be okay, but from the look Yuri was giving him he wasn't asking...

Fuck it, it had been long enough...

Reaching down he lifted Yuri's leg slightly, just enough to get the right angle he needed before pulling out. The blonde slammed himself back in, hitting the longer haired male's prostate dead on and in such a way that it made the older man's body pressed flush against his. He moaned loudly as he gripped him tighter, whimpering out his name as the blonde did it again.

Yuri was still so damn tight around him, the blonde having to distract himself by assaulting the other's neck, nipping hard to make sure he left a sufficient hicky. One of the longer haired male's hands had come up to grip his hair, forcing him into another rough kiss. Tongues battled once again as Yuri's legs wrapped themselves around his lower back, pulling his lower half closer. Even if his movements were much more shallow now, he could still thrust in just as hard...which was probably what the other male wanted.

What Yuri wanted Yuri got...but two could play at that game too. It took some doing since the other male's body was pressed tightly between them, but he managed to snake his hand around the Yuri's rock hard erection. The action caused the older man to let out a strangled moan, the sudden sensation of the his muscles tensing around him making Flynn to do the same. Okay, not exactly the outcome he had wanted, but close enough.

He stroked the other in the same manner as his thrusts: rough and hitting all the right spots. Yuri's mouth was slack as he moaned loudly without any sort of discretion, the blonde briefly wondering if his neighbors would complain...The mere thought of that was exciting. Speeding up once more he bit down a bit harder on the other male's neck than he had wanted, tongue picking up on a mix of salty sweat and the bitter, metallic tinge of blood. He was at least relieved to see that the bite was shallow, though this didn't stop him from licking it in an apologetic manner.

He'd definitely pay for that later. Flynn was becoming drunk off of the other's way of saying his name, it sounding so needy and lust filled the blonde just wanted to go harder, faster, deeper.

"F-Flynn, Flynn..." It was like music to his goddamn ears, the blonde pounding into the other's tight hole with so much force he actually feared that Yuri might break. But Yuri wasn't trying to stop him, so he pushed his worry to the back of his mind.

He didn't want this to end...this perfect little moment where they didn't have to worry about the problems the real world had pushed upon them. Right now it was just the two of them in a moment of passion; sweat glistened bodies pressing together as sloppy, wet sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout his room. Fingers clinched and grabbed and scratched and stroked, heated lips tangling together to add more flames to the fire...it was just too damn perfect.

But the moment he felt the other seize against him, gripping him hard as he cried out his name, it was clear that things were indeed ending. After a few more thrusts he could no longer take the longer haired male's tightness, Flynn letting out a long moan as he spilled his seed inside the other. His orgasm was intense, curse after curse slipping out of his mouth as he buried his face in the crook of the other's neck.

When they both collapsed against the mattress everything was blurry, Flynn taking a moment to gather himself as his body rod one aftershock wave after another. Shakily he pulled out of Yuri and rolled off of him, placing an arm over his eyes as he tried to calm his breathing. He didn't move when he felt the weight shift on the lone mattress on the floor, though he did kiss the other back when he felt lips against his. Yuri lied against his chest, the blonde wrapped his free arm around him as their ragged breathing became the only sound that filled the air.

Flynn wasn't all that surprised when he fell asleep, and it was probably the most comfortable sleep he had gotten in a long time. It did surprise him when he regained partial consciousness only to find Yuri gone. He didn't panic though, the smell in the air telling him that the other was in the kitchen. After taking his time to get up the blonde went about locating his clothes, though when he couldn't find his shirt he decided to retrieve one from his dresser. He was tried as all hell...but it was a good kind of tired.

The blonde stretched a bit as he left his room, Aki coming up to rub herself against his leg as he made his way into the kitchen. Slipping into one of the chairs at the small table, he watched the other male's back as he prepared whatever the two of them would be having for dinner. His hair was tied back in a ponytail, like usual whenever he cooked, the sight of his weight switching from one foot to the other every few seconds slightly amusing since he was the clear cause of it.

"You know, most people would've come up and embraced me from behind." Even with the quick glance from over his shoulder, Flynn could clearly see the other smirking at him.

"Ah, sorry, I'm still a newbie to this whole thing." It was probably only the third time he had admitted that he was inexperienced with something, the first being when the two of the had just met, the second being when he admitted he had no idea how to deal with love because no one had ever confessed to him and this moment.

With a small shrug Yuri went back to whatever he was making, the blonde enjoying the chopping sound that had been so very absent prior to the other male's arrival. Wait...chopping required sharp utensils, and Flynn was damn sure he had hidden them all because of the other's depressed state. It was probably wrong of him to assume that Yuri would try to take his life, but he just seemed so...so unlike himself to the point that is scared him.

"Y-Yuri, um, those knives-"

"You're really bad with hiding things, especially in an apartment this small." Flynn really couldn't tell Yuri that he was wrong since the other male had proven his point, so he bit back anything that would make him look stupid.

"I just...I'm just worried..." He wasn't really concerned about saying those words, he was more so concerned about how Yuri was going to take them.

"...I know...and I'm not going to lie..." The sound of metal against wood slowly began to lessen until it was no more, "I've been thinking about it recently...because some days I really don't want to deal with this shit anymore. And the only thing stopping me from offing myself is the reality that I'd be leaving you, Judith, Raven, Duke and everyone else to deal with my choice..."

Flynn just sat there, unsure what he should've been doing or saying in the moment because he didn't want to ruin those last few words the other male had said. For a little while he began to be concerned that Yuri was becoming dependent on him...a bit too dependent for his liking. Yuri needed him...but that need sometimes scared him because of the huge burden that was being placed upon him and him alone. It was as if...he was the only thing that really mattered in the longer haired male's world...and that made him question the legitimacy of his feelings towards him.

He didn't want Yuri to like him just because he provided emotional support...

But that little statement made his fears diminish, if not outright disappear. Yuri had acknowledged that there were other people in his life, other people who mattered to him other than the blonde who had only known him for a short while in comparison to the others. Flynn was what Yuri needed, but what he had needed was not a crutch to support himself on. What the longer haired male needed was someone to give him a small nudge whenever he started to stray from his path, someone he saw as an equal and not just a shoulder to cry on.

Flynn had seen it in his eyes...the sheer determination that showed that the older man could stand on his own two legs, and he would eventually. This momentary lapse in what confidence he did have would pass, and the blonde would watch as he picked himself back up and fought for the joy that was so wrongfully taken from him. Flynn in turn would try his best to be someone the other could rely on. With this understanding he removed himself from his seat, walking over to stand beside, not behind, the longer haired male.

"Ah, sorry...I sound all depressing and shit..."

"No, it's completely okay...House rules, right? You have to be honest." The other male quickly turned his head in his direction, face full of surprise as he stared for a moment. However, it didn't take long for a small smile to grace his lips.

"...You seriously remember that?"

"Of course."

When his smile broadened the blonde knew everything was going to be okay, and it wasn't just him being presumptuous. Yuri had admitted that he himself had called the police after slitting his wrists, meaning that he not only regretted his actions but figured out that his life wasn't worth wasting. Flynn refused to believe that aspect of older man had changed with time...

"You're so weird." Even with the small insult the smile on his face still remained, Flynn in turn doing the same.

"I guess I am." He was rather proud of himself for holding a conversation with the older man for that long without blushing...but then he really caught sight of the other's smile and he just couldn't help himself.

"Oh and..." Flynn watched as he other male walked over to the refrigerator, reaching into the small freezer at the top to pull out a frozen dinner, "Your dinner."

"Um...what about all of this...?" He motioned to the various things cooking on the stove and what the other male had been chopping up. Instead of answering Yuri just pulled down the collar of his shirt, correction, the blonde's shirt to show the bite make that he had left there.


He would gladly wait for the moment Yuri launched his counterattack...because Flynn had learned that one does not simple screw with the longer haired male and come out unscathed.

Yuri Lowell had claws and would use them in due time.