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Fanfic - Lonely Lovers Club: Chapter 15

Title: Lonely Lovers Club
Pairings: Flynn/Yuri + Yuri/Flynn
Author: well...me
Rating: R (for language and sad Yuri)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Warning: unbetaedness
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters
Summary: AU. Flynn wanted more from Yuri than just his body...though it would take some time for him to realize it.

I'm here for you...


He had never seen Yuri so nervous before...though he had every right to be. When an editor calls you up and says 'we needed to talk', it usually meant nothing good, especially given the longer haired male's situation. Flynn wasn't sure why he felt the need to tell the older man that things would be fine, especially since their relationship usually thrived on silent comfort. But this time...he felt like something needed to be said...

The longer haired male having to meet with his editor was a pretty big change from how things had been for the last two weeks, and it really wasn't a change he liked all that much. After getting himself shitface drunk Yuri seemed a lot more mischievous around him, the days of the other respecting his personal space long gone...even if it only lasted for a little while.

When he came over Yuri was always uncomfortable close him, usually draping himself over his shoulders or touching some part of his body in a way that usually made him jump. The actions were unnerving as hell, but the lewd smirk he has on his face when performed such acts was the thing that really got to him. It looked like something a perverted old man would wear...then again the older male was acting pretty perverse for someone who was twenty-four.

Flynn never liked it when Yuri kept something from him, because he had the bad habit of dangling it over his head until he figured it out. This time around he seemed to derive quite a bit of pleasure from it, much to the blonde's distress. What the hell was it that he wanted him to figure out this time? Something he had said during his drunken episode had set everything off...but what? After a while he decided that trying to remember the exact words that had left his lips that night was futile, so he decided to focus on the other male's behavior.

Even if he couldn't read Yuri's face, he could sure as hell read his body. The longer haired male wasn't acting like his usual love struck self, instead he was pretty much throwing himself at him...as if expecting him to react. And he did, but apparently it wasn't what Yuri was looking for. What the hell did he want from him? It seemed that school was the only physical escape he had from the older man, but mentally he was still very focused on him.

He really hated that his thoughts had been plagued with nothing but Yuri, but when he wasn't thinking about him everything just seemed so dull. It was weird...and of course whenever things looked too confusing for him to deal with there was only one person he could turn to. At first Judith just stared a him, a deeply amused look on her face as she shook her head a bit. Leaning over the counter she told him point blank that he was dense, and incredibly so at that, Flynn feeling rather offended until he heard her explanation.

Apparently she had been well aware of how Yuri felt towards him, but that really wasn't the shocking thing. What had him staring stupidly at her was when she said that it was rather obvious that he had romantic feelings for the longer haired male, and the only one who seemed to be in denial about this fact was himself. That...was that was absurd! He blew her words off, refusing to believe Judith since he himself wasn't even sure of his own feelings...so how could she be?

Flynn only lasted a day before the female bartender's words began to haunt him...mostly because he knew they had been right on so many previous occasions. It was because of his thoughts that he began to act a bit more awkward around Yuri, his touching effecting him much more then it had before. It was especially bad whenever they had a make-out session, because he could not for the life of him look the other male in the eyes afterwards.

The flushed look on the other's face never helped, eyes half-lid, breath coming out in short pants and lips swollen from being kissed...god...As turned on as that sight made him, the two of them hadn't had sex for some time. For some reason this didn't frustrate him; he doesn't feel that deep desire to screw Yuri into the sheets like he had before, and instead the blonde simply enjoys the time they spend together. It was comforting.

Though of course the comforting nature of things didn't stop him from feeling nervous when Yuri did certain things...

Case in point...after spending the entire afternoon at his place the longer haired male deemed it 'too late' to return home, and thus announced that he was spending the night. Flynn barely had time to comprehend what had been said before the older man sashayed his way into his room, Repede following right behind him. He stared shockingly at the door to his room before directing his gaze throws Aki, the small kitten giving him a look that clearly read 'what do you want me to do about it?' and really...he probably shouldn't have been looking to his cat for answers.

Peeking into his room he found Yuri stripping, a small sign escaping his lips before he asked if he wanted to borrow some clothes to sleep in. He only suggested this because there was a minor draft in his room, and he knew that the longer haired male had the habit of sleeping only his underwear. So it wasn't like he was afraid to see him wearing barely anything...or at least that's what he told him.

With a quick glance over his shoulder Yuri told him that just a tank top would be fine, the blonde ignoring the sign of relief that had escaped his lips. After fishing around his dresser he finally found what he was looking for; Flynn never really invested in clothing such a tank tops, but he was sure he at least owned one. After tossing it to the older man he quickly turned his back, not wanting to see the way the other's body moved as he slipped the top on.

There was something so very messed up about their situation...and he knew it was his own fault. In the past having the longer haired male sleep next to him wouldn't have been a big deal, but with him being so hyper-aware of everything dealing with Yuri he couldn't help but be tense. His mattress was at least big enough to hold two people, though that didn't make the sent up any less awkward.

At the foot of the mattress was Repede, and he really didn't mind the large dog being there since he made for a great heater. Aki was curled up in between his and Yuri's pillow, which made Flynn less worried since the odds of either of them rolling on it had lowered. And then there was Yuri himself...he was positioned directly across from him, though it would seem luck was momentarily on his side since the longer haired male was facing away from him. It helped things, if only a little.

It didn't, however, make it any easier for him to fall asleep. Even with his back turned to the longer haired male he couldn't feel completely comfortable. He stayed awake, staring at his bedroom door until he couldn't anymore. He was grateful when his eyes finally closed, because the last thing he wanted to do was spend the entire night up when he had classes the next day.

Because he moved around in his sleep he shouldn't have been surprised upon waking up to Yuri's face mere inches away from his, the closeness causing him to jump a bit. The only way they could've become so close was if Aki had moved sometime during the night, and sure enough he managed to locate the kitten down at the foot of the mattress with Repede. He had seen Yuri's sleeping face before, but this time around he was more aware of the other, more aware that his feelings were certainly changing for the other male.

Yuri possessed such a feminine face, and at first glance he was sure most would probably confuse him for a woman. He had seen so many emotions on that face of his, some of which frightened him greatly while others gave him great insight into what kind of person he really was. Flynn wasn't sure why he suddenly felt the need to touch the other's face, or even why he decided to give into that need, but without much thinking he reached his hand up and gently ran it against the other male's cheek.

The older man stirred but didn't wake, but his movement caused Flynn to blush ever so slightly. Running his thumb over the longer haired male's slightly parted lips he remembered just how much that mouth of his had helped him out, and he also remembered how much that sharp tongue of his had cut him on several occasions. No one had ever spoken to him like that before...but then again when someone was placed into the role of the 'good boy' most people didn't see the point in it.

But not Yuri...he spoke to him like the child that he was, and when the situation called for it like the adult he was going to become. After so many years of taking care of his mother, being the sane one because she couldn't be, he never bothered to be a kid, so to have someone actually talk to him like that after so long was bother jarring and refreshing. Yuri didn't bullshit around with him...and he was rather grateful for that.

As he dropped his hand a small smile graced his lips, because he found it so amusing how one person could change his life so much. After that he was able to fall asleep with ease, so much so that when it was finally morning the mere thought of waking up was depressing. Though when he did awaken he was treated to the sight of the other male with the most amazing bed-head he had ever seen, Yuri looking as if he hadn't caught a single wink of sleep.

Throughout the process of him getting ready for class Yuri seemingly didn't move from his spot on the mattress, not that he really minded though since he had feared him getting in the way of routine. Because he pitied the other he made up some coffee for him, though before he could even pour a cup he felt the longer haired male lean against his back. He didn't jump, instead Flynn allowed the other male's weight to just stay there.

When Yuri asked if he really needed to leave he was surprised when he hesitated, mainly because he had never bothered to stay home unless absolutely necessary. There was always a reason...so he wasn't sure why he agreed to stay home when Yuri asked him to. He tried to rationalize it by thinking that maybe it was because it was a light day for him, but when the two of them were lying on his mattress together he was sure that any reason he came up with would be a lie.

He just...didn't get it.

But all of that had to be placed on hold when he received a phone call from the longer haired male, and he instantly knew something was wrong just from the tone of his voice. It wasn't all that odd for Yuri to call him up randomly, but when his only words were 'meet me at the food court in the mall' before hanging up was when Flynn begin to worry. He got ready as quickly as he could, trying his best to figure out just what would make the other male sound like that.

The bus ride to the mall took about twenty minutes, and as soon as he was dropped off he immediately made his way to the food court. Because the mall was always crowded he had a little trouble spotting the longer haired male, though as soon as his eyes managed to find him Flynn wasted no time going over. Yuri was just sitting there, absentmindedly sipping on some kind of soft drink as he stared off into the distance.

As he called over to him the older man quickly whipped his head in his direction, the look of relief that washed over his face was almost painful to look at. As he sat next to the other male a silence fell between them, and he knew it was better for Yuri to start talking than for him to start prying. After three minutes the longer haired male began to spill; apparently he and his editor was supposed to be meeting there to talk about the future of his novel, and it was in that moment Flynn understood the severity of the situation.

There was a fifty-fifty chance that the older man's books could be canned, and in Yuri's mind that would be the 'failure' he hadn't wanted to commit. Hesitating a bit he reached out to the hand that was placed against the table, and in doing so he felt the other male tense up for a moment. Instead of staying quiet like he usually would he told Yuri that everything would be okay, and even if things don't go well for him in that moment they'd be okay down the line.

The longer haired male just stared at him for a few seconds before a small smile crept onto his lips, Flynn tensing when Yuri lied his head against his shoulder. Why had he said that? Better yet...why was he okay with Yuri showing him such affection in public? There was just so much off about what was going on, but he didn't feel the need to correct it.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting..." At this Flynn jumps a bit more than he was willing to admit, the older man giving him a strange look since he had pretty much disturbed his resting spot. Looking up he found Yuri's editor staring at the both of them, the blonde instantly straightening himself out as a result.

"I'm sorry this is so sudden..." Duke took the seat across from them, clasping his fingers together and looking like the picture perfect image of professionalism. But there was something very off about his composure.

"It's fine..." At this point in time the blonde understands why Yuri doesn't bother hiding his depressed state, and it just makes it even harder for him to look his way. He had never seen the other male look so defeated, even when there was still hope for him.

"The editorial department would like me to express that this incident has been a hard blow to them as well, and as such they are doing everything within their power to deal with the damage-"

"Please just...stop beating around the bush..."

"...All right then...I'm very sorry, Yuri."

And there it was. It was the answer Flynn in no way wanted to hear, and he was sure it had cut the longer haired male to his very core. Reaching out he tried to go for the other male's hand again, but this time around he just pulled it away and placed it on his lap under the table. The blonde just started for a moment, a little shocked because it was the first time Yuri had ever refused his touch.

"And in light of your situation..." Duke continued on, making Flynn bring his attention back to him, "I have resigned."

It looked as if the other male damn near snapped his neck from the sheer force of it looking up at his editor, a look of sheer horror overcoming his features. He could only imagine what was going through that head of his, but he was sure of one thing though...he was feeling extremely guilty. Now the blonde was sure he had to do something; for Yuri this was probably rock bottom, and from what he had heard the last time Yuri had hit rock bottom he had tired to kill himself. Flynn couldn't bare to have that happen to him again.

"Yuri, this isn't your fault." He said that quicker than anticipated, but this didn't seem to get his attention. Before he could speak again Duke held his hand up, the blonde instantly silencing all of his words in the moment.

"He's right, Yuri...I'm merely leaving because of what they did, not because you forced my hand in any way..."

"But I-"

"Yuri...the decision to pull your book was made because they only judged your past works on their subject and not their content, and had I been in charge that wouldn't have happened. And right there was the problem..." Duke looked between the two of them, eyes ultimately stopping on the focus of their conversation, "I wasn't in charge...so I decided to leave the company that cowers in fear because of a little pressure and start my own endeavor."

Flynn watched as Yuri's now former editor rose from his seat, though instead of leaving he made his way over to the other male. Leaning over he whispered something into Yuri's ear, and whatever was being said apparently made him go through an array of emotions. First seemed to be shock, followed by sadness then extreme embarrassment, which was only evident by how hard Yuri was blushing. What the hell was he saying?

Before leaving Duke flashed the blonde a quick smile, which only confused him even more. The two of them sat in silence after that, Flynn fidgeting as a result. The other male had already rejected his touch before so he wasn't really up for having it happen again, though it seemed he had bigger things to worry about.

"Well that was depressing as fuck, let's go buy something." He didn't get a chance to express his confusion before he was snatched up and drag away from their table.


"Your wardrobe is so damn tiny, we're buying you at least three shirts and a pair of pants."

He tried getting a word in, but when he was yanked once more the only thing he could do was yelp. Flynn merely stared there when the longer haired male began looking around the store for clothes, his body automatically following because he still had things to say. When he was about to open his mouth and speak, sometimes getting the older man's name out, Yuri would shove clothes in his face before pushing him in the direction of the changing room.

Instead of putting up some kind of fight he just went along with the other male's pushy actions...because he was slowly starting to get what was going on. He was sure that the other male's constant disapproval of whatever he tried on was only to prolong things, though he was only willing to put up with their little situation but for so long. Three stores, one more trip to the food court and sixty dollars later he was finally allowed to step outside to breath in semi-clean air. Their trip further solidified how much he detested the mall...

Because it was closer, the two of them began to make their way to the blonde's place, and all the while Flynn sneaking a few glances at the other every now and then. How long did he really think he could keep this up without him noticing? He couldn't call it sad or stupid...because he found it to be wholly appropriate for the situation. So he'd wait until it was clear that things couldn't go on like this for any longer, and thankfully that point seemed to be reached the moment they stepped out of Yuri's car.

"Ah, sorry for pushing you around so much."

"It's fine, really." Because even he had to admit that the variety of his clothes seemed to be lessening lately, the blonde usually wearing the same thing twice a week after washing it.

"Next time we'll buy you a suit."

"I really doubt there will ever really be a need for me to wear one again, so why?

"Well you never know, plus with me around it won't be staying on you long."

This made Flynn stop for a moment, a strange, indescribable look crossed his face before he fell back in step with the other male. There was something so very perverted, so very true and so very Yuri about that statement, and for once he didn't feel uncomfortable after hearing it. Maybe it was because of the situation they were in, but it felt like it was come from a completely different place than usual. Like Yuri was teasing him for the sake of teasing.

Once inside his apartment Flynn made quick work of his new clothes, removing the tags and stickers before placing them in his dresser. After closing it he heard a small purr come from behind him, and upon turning his head he found Yuri sitting on his mattress with Aki on his lap, the multicolored kitten seemingly enjoying the way it's belly was being stroked.

"She's a girl." The comment caught him just as he was about to stand, the blonde taking a moment before walking over to the two of them.

"You can tell?" Crouching down he joined the old man in pleasing Aki, though he did flinch away slightly when their fingers touched.

"Well she doesn't have a dick, and everything down there is pretty close together, that made it easy to tell." Oh...well it wasn't like he made a habit of staring at the kitten's underside...The two of them stayed like that for a little bit, stroking Aki in various spots until she hopped out of the other's lap and went about her business.

"Ah...I should probably head home, Repede was giving me weird looks before I left." Who could really blame the dog for doing so? The blonde watch as the other male began to leave his room, deciding he'd give him some kind of head start being going after him.

He wasn't going to let him leave while in such a state...

After a few second he quickly got up, making his way out of his room and towards the door where Yuri was. Placing his hand on the other's he shut the door that had just been opened, the longer haired male looking up at him in confusion. Letting go of the door handle Yuri turned to face him, arms crossed and seemingly waiting for an explanation.

"...It's time to stop pretending, Yuri..." The older man looked surprised, and just as he was about to open his mouth to say something he quickly shut it. It only took a second for his features to completely relax, arms falling limply his side as his gaze directed itself downward.

"Ah...I really can't hide much from you, can I...?" He let out a hollow chuckle as he leaned against the door, "...Can I please just run away from this a little longer...?"

Flynn didn't say a word because he was sure that Yuri already knew the answer to it. He tried not to wince when the other's face momentarily twisted into pure discomfort and anguish, though he did flinch slightly when the longer haired male placed his forehead against his shoulder. Hesitantly he brought a hand up, stroking the other's hair gently as his other arm wrapped around his waist.

"I...really fucked up this time, Flynn..." His voice was muffled as he buried his face deeper into his shoulder, the blonde holding him tighter as a response.

"This is not your fault, Yuri...so don't-"

"O-Oh god Flynn...I-I..." It was a good thing he was holding onto his waist because the next thing he knew Yuri was on his way down to the ground, the blonde following him as the other male flat out collapsed.


"I-I didn't want to fail at this, oh god, I can't fail at the one thing I'm good at. Flynn, what am I supposed to do now? Flynn, oh god please, Flynn." The amount of pain he received from hearing his name said it in such a way was overwhelming, and the way the older man sobbed loudly against him made him feel so powerless.

What could he even say to him? It was rather clear that at the moment Yuri was too far gone to understand any kind of comforting words that he could utter, so it would seem the only thing he could do was hold him. He wasn't sure how long the two of them were on the floor, though mostly because whenever it seemed that Yuri was close to stopping he'd start back up again.

It wasn't like he minded though; he probably shouldn't have been absorbed in being so close to the other when he was so vulnerable, but he couldn't help it...because it was so different than all the other times when Yuri was teasing him. Burying his face in the older man's hair he began to rethink things, that maybe this wasn't all that bad and that maybe...maybe it'll be okay for him to face the facts that had always been there.

In that moment Flynn made a decision.

Being so deep in though he barely registered that Yuri had finally calmed down, and upon looking down he found him asleep. It took some doing but he managed to haul him over to the couch, because there was no way he was dragging him all the way to his room. Because he didn't want Yuri leaving his apartment, heaven forbid he did something to harm himself, Flynn decided that he should probably fetch Repede.

It was a bit odd fishing around the other male's pocket to get his keys, but at least it didn't take long for him to locate them. He only hoped that Yuri didn't wake up and freak out upon finding out he had left, but he had a feeling the longer haired male would be out for a good while. But just in case he decided to go as quickly as he could. He took the bus to the older man's place, though he hadn't quite figured out how he was going to make his way back.

There was no way he could take the large dog on the bus and the walk back was a bit too far...so maybe if he pleaded hard enough with the bus driver he'd be allowed on. With a sigh he figured he'd deal with that issue when it came. Repede looked rather confused when he walked into the apartment by himself, and rightfully so. Crouching down he called him over, petting his head as he told him that his master needed him.

Before leaving he grabbed a bag of dog food, knowing that Repede probably wouldn't like eating cat food. Dealing with the bus was easier than he though, though it did cost him extra money and he still ended up begging. Once back he peeked into his apartment to find Yuri still asleep on the couch, the blonde gently closing the door behind him so as to not wake him.

Now he really wasn't sure what to do with the other male knocked out, so he merely seated himself in front of the couch, eyes instantly going to Yuri's face. Even in his sleep he looked so defeated, not at all like the relaxed and comfortable sleeping face he had three nights ago. Nothing in the longer haired male's life seems to be fair, from the way his parents treated him, his horrible high school experiences and his book being pulled because of his past works Flynn could completely understand why he seemed so unstable.

He deserved some kind of stability...and the blonde was willing to give that to him. Leaning back against the couch he decided he'd too would catch a few Z's, thankful that he didn't have afternoon classes that day. Fetching a blanket from his room he placed it over Yuri's sleeping body, taking his seat on the floor near the couch before trying his best to get into a comfortable position. Hardwood flooring wasn't the best place to sleep, but he really didn't want to leave the other male's side.

The couch wasn't at all big enough for the both of them to stretch out, so he'd made due. Flynn wasn't even aware of how tired he was until he closed his eyes, instantly drifting off before he knew it. He vaguely recalled coming to a few times, though not completely waking up. When he did finally awakened he found the television on illuminating the dark room, Flynn not having to glance over at the clock to know that it was late.

Shifting around a little he found a weight pressed against his right side, and in his groggy state he thought it might've been Repede. It was a good thing he decided to investigate rather than immediately shove whatever it was off of him; looking down he found Yuri curled up against his side, the blanket that had been covering him now draping over the both of them. He was clearly awake, as evident by the constantly changing channels and the soft mutter of 'there's nothing ever on'.

Looking down he hated to admit it, but...Yuri had never seemed so small before. He wasn't talking in terms of height though, since the two of them were more or less on equal footing there. No...even if it was fake, there was always an air of confidence around him, but now with him so utterly defeated by the world it seemed all of that was a distant memory. The blonde was fully aware that he needed to be strong for the other male, and given this had pretty much been his role with his mother he really thought he could handle it with Yuri.

"Hey..." He muttered just enough to get the other male's attention, the response he received being a weak 'mhm' sound.

"...I'm sorry if I woke you."

"You didn't." When it seemed like the other male was going to say something that might've been an apology he quickly gripped his hand, "You didn't, Yuri..."

It was a few seconds before the longer haired male moved after that, though when he did Flynn had to remind himself not to tense up. Yuri had repositioned himself, the older man now sitting on his lap, arms wrapping loosely around his neck as he buried his face in the crook of his shoulder. As he hesitantly wrapped his arm around his waist, telling himself that there was no reason to waver because he had already made up his mind.


It didn't make it any easier to say though...

"I-I can't really say it the same way you did, s-so I'll say this..." Taking a deep breath he tried to calm himself down, which was easier said than done, "L-Let...Let me be the stability you need in your life..."

Because he wasn't well versed in the ways of love Flynn actually wasn't sure if his words could be considered 'cheesy' or 'lame', but this didn't stop him from blushing so damn heard he feared a nose bleed. The other male was tense in his arm, hands coming to grip the back of his shirt tightly. The two of them stayed like that for a bit, and all the while the blonde couldn't help but worry that he'd be laughed at. It was an pretty legitimate fear to him, especially since he was sure the older man had written better confessions that that.

"...Flynn, I swear if you're just saying that to make me feel better, I will never fucking forgive you..."

"What? No! Of course not!"

Oh god if that's what Yuri thought he was trying to do. He knew his timing was pretty bad, but...he thought there was no better time to admit it then when the longer haired male was feeling like he was. He needed him and Flynn just wanted to tell him that he didn't have to worry about him going anywhere...When Yuri shifted against, this time leaning back so that the two of them were facing one another, he jumped a bit when he noticed the glare that was pointed in his direction.

"...Then say it to my face...actually say it." Well shit... he had a hard enough time just saying what he had the first time! It didn't help that it appeared the older man was in a rather foul mood because of him, so he really had no choice in the matter.

Upon opening his mouth nothing came out, which was the worst possible thing that could've happened. Yuri looked pissed, and if he didn't say the words that had been caught in the back of his throat soon it would be the end of everything. He didn't want the other male to think that he was just trying to make him feel better by saying what he thought he wanted to hear, no...he had genuinely come to the realization that Judith was (like always) right about his feelings. So he tried again.

"I-I...I-I l-l-love you, Yuri." It was shaky as hell, though he was rather relieved that it had finally came out. It seemed to take a few seconds for the other male's features to relax, and when they did he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against the blonde's chest.

"...You deserve so much better..."


"It's true...you're a great guy, and I hate to think I'm preventing you from actually dating someone worth your time...I'm just...I-I'm just-"

He had to stop this...he had stop Yuri from berating himself. The longer haired male was worth his time, every last second of it, and goddammit he would make sure he understood this. Gripping the other's shoulders tightly he pulled him away from his body, his mouth opening to say something before he quickly closed it. No...no words. Instead of speaking he leaned in, roughly pressing his lips against the other as he held him tight.

Yuri wasn't worthless...he wasn't the piece of trash he seemed to think he was. He hated it when the longer haired male became like this, because it stripped him of that carefree attitude Flynn admired so much. He was very well ware that the world liked to beat people down, that it could deal you a very cruel hand, but...if the two of them could support one another he felt that everything would be okay.

Slowly he pulled away, putting enough distance between the two of them so that he could see the other's face. Obviously the other male looked shocked, but when he saw the pools of tears form at the corners of his eyes Flynn began to wonder if he had done the right thing.

"I-I'm sorry Yuri, I didn't mean to make you cry, I-"

"No, don't apologize." The longer haired male smiled a bit before wiping the tears away before the fell, "I'm just really happy. Beyond happy in fact. I mean, I still feel like shit, but having you confess and mean it makes he feel so much better."

When Yuri smiles this time it was bright, and even if there was lingering sadness in his face the blonde was at least happy he could take some of it away. He watched as the other male leaned in, gently kissing him as he wrapped his arms around his neck once more. He instantly recognized this kiss; it was the one full of pure affection, something he was sure Yuri hadn't shown anyone in a long time.

Upon parting their eyes met, and it was in that moment that the blonde suddenly became rather nervous. It only took a couple of seconds before a deep blush spread across his cheek, a knot forming in his stomach as he diverted his eyes elsewhere. When asked what was wrong he tried replaying 'nothing', though with him stuttering it actually came out as 'n-n-nothin''. Even if he couldn't see it he could feel the other's smirk directed at him.

"You're so cute, Flynn."

"Y-You're not helping."

"I know."


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